Mrs J. T. - Holt, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Series of six VHS tapes from the 70’s that were never released on DVD, put onto two DVDs.

“Thankyou, great result from tapes over 20 years old. Far better than I expected”

Mr. A. N - Huddersfield, UK

Service provided - wedding footage extracted from an old Betamax tape. Several tries were needed as the tape was not in brilliant condition, but a reasonable digitisation was eventually obtained.

‘Great service! Did what was required and much more! Managed to recover and digitalise [sic] a tape we had all but given up hope on. Absolutely fantastic service!’

Mrs. P. W., - Horsford, Norwich, UK

Probably the longest running project undertaken by us so far, was digitising the family archive of cine films spanning 30 years? During the course of this project we received three testimonials, which we are proud to list below.

Service provided - ongoing effort digitising the family archive of Standard 8 cine films.

First testimonial from Mrs P. W.

‘We are so pleased with the first family cine films that you have put on DVD for us, they are brilliant. We can’t wait to see the rest! Our entire family is amazed, it’s like a serial when you can’t wait for the next instalment! Many thanks

Mrs. P. W., - Horsford, Norwich, UK

Our  second testimonial from Mrs. P. W.

Service provided - we are coming to the end of digitising the family archive of 8mm cine films.

“We have now been working with Graham for well over a year. We are still very impressed with the results we are seeing from his transfer of our cine films to DVD. He remains committed and enthusiastic, often noticing flaws which we have not seen, but which he rectifies of his own volition, and in his own time! We now feel that he has become one of the family, having seen so much of our celebrations, children growing-up and mile-stones in our lives. We are coming to the end of our cine films, but are already thinking of other projects to offer him, as we will miss our contact with one of life’s individuals, who still believes in offering a bespoke service at very reasonable cost and with amazing results.

Thank you Graham.’”

Mrs. P. W., - Horsford, Norwich, UK

Our third and final testimonial from Mrs. P. W.

Service provided - we have now finished digitising the family archive of 8mm cine films.

“Graham has completed the mammoth task of transferring our cine films to DVD and we are so thrilled. He has consistently shown a dedication to the spirit of them, always checking to ensure he was doing as we wanted, and removing only the parts we did not want; he is a real-master-craftsman. He even transferred one to a special disc for the American part of the family. We could not have wanted a better result. Thank you so much, Graham, from all the family.”

Mr. C. W. - Little Snoring, North Norfolk

Service provided - Converted an old vinyl LP to CD

‘.... An excellent job well done ...’

Mr. A. A. - Oulton Broad, Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Digitised 200 plus 35mm slides

‘Mr & Mrs A of Oulton Broad would like to thank you so much for converting our slides to DVD they are excellent, very professional work. A very prompt service, We will recommend you and definitely use your service again.’

Mrs. K. S. nee Miss K. L. - Cambridge, England

Service provided - ‘Fly On The Wall’ video of this lady’s wedding, starting with the evening before the ceremony, then filming the ceremony, and reception. Filming only stopped when the last guest left!  Also interviews with various guests - in total almost four hours of video! Cramming this onto a single DVD with good quality proved a challenge, which our multiipass software proved itself capable of.

‘Both I and my new husband were very pleased with the outcome of our wedding day DVD. We asked for an unedited version, so as not to miss anything. Various parts of the day were put into sections [chapter points] , thus clicking on a link needed, making it very accessible. A truly good service offered and provided.’

Mr & Mrs F - Northrepps, North Norfolk

Service Provided - a quantity of 35mm slides digitised, and several DV tapes converted to DVD-Video

“We want to thank you for the excellent work you carried out for us earlier

this month.

As you know, we asked you to do a number of different tasks including

processing several short DV tapes, creating one special DVD and digitising

a large number of slides.

Despite the slides being several decades old, that digital task, as well

as the production of DVDs, was done to a high standard. Considering the

extensive time required for the work, we regard your fees as perfectly


We are glad to go on record as commending you for a thorough and

professional job completed to our full satisfaction.”

Ms J. R - Holt, North Norfolk & France

Service Provided - digitised several hundred 35mm slides, many depicting gunshot and other traumatic injury sustained during a period of genocide in Africa. The slides were photographed by a doctor working for Medecins San Frontieres. Technically the slides were in good condition, and presented no problems, but each digitisation had to be manually reviewed, and many were literally hard to stomach. However it is important that subjects like this are documented and archived.

"I just wanted to let you know that the work you did transferring the slides of the refugee camp onto dvd was excellent and meant so much to my partner.  Many thanks for all your efforts."

Mr J R W, Loughborough, UK

Service Provided - Originally asked to convert some wedding films from VHS tape to DVD. But, because the original 8mm cine films were still available, we thought better quality could be obtained by reprocessing these films.

“Many thanks indeed for the SUPERB DVDs!

As I said on the ‘phone, they are amazing and the improvement in quality is unbelievable. I am also quite tearstruck!”

Mrs W W - Cambridge

Service provided - 8 hours of VHS, edited, then  transferred to DVD

“Absolutely delighted with the 4 DVD's transferred from Videos of our grandsons from birth to the present day. Graham was in regular contact, keeping me updated on the progress.  I would certainly recommend him to anyone.”

Mr D. E. - Derby, UK

Service provided - a 28 year old Betamax tape transferred to DVD

“Graham, I can’t thank you enough! The quality of the DVD is far better than I expected, it really is superb!

I commend you on your excellent friendly and prompt service, the quality of your product and your attention to detail. Thankyou once again”

Ms. J. P.  - Thetford, UK

Service provided - digitised several Super 8 cine films, converting them to DVD-Video. Complicated because her ‘Agfa family’ cine camera could take single frame still pictures each of which would cause her ‘Agfa family’ viewer/projector to pause for several seconds for viewing. To emulate this on a DVD video, every single frame photo had to be identified, converted into a picture lasting several seconds, and reinserted into the video stream. We also managed to recover pictures that had been deleted from the memory card in her (modern) digital camera.

‘I would like to thank you for the work you have done for me putting my films onto DVD which I am so pleased with, and thank you also for your help and patience in sorting the required films out.

I am also very pleased that you were able to recover the photographs from my digital camera I had deleted, and which look fine.’

Mr. A. G. L - Blakeney, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Several short videos transferred from VHS to a single DVD, with chapter points.

´Just a brief line to say how pleased I was with the quality of the conversion  from video tape to DVD of those few important items I needed to preserve for my grand kids. Tremendous value for such a high standard of work. Feel free to use this testimonial in anyway you decide.´

Mr. D. M - Letheringsett, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Several DVDs produced from multiple VHS tapes, including chapter points and options such as background music, sub-titling etc.

´I am very satisfied with what dv2anything has done for me with our family conversions onto DVD.´

Mrs. C. P - Holt, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Transferred an American NTSC VHS video to DVD.

´A big thanks for transferring my American herbal video to DVD. The quality is brilliant and makes for good viewing. The friendly and professional service was a bonus.´

Mrs. J. W - Holt, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - VHS tape to DVD with chapter points.

´I am delighted with the DVD taken from my tape and will use you again.´

Mr. A. J - Northampton; UK

Service provided - two DV tapes transferred to a single DVD, and a VHS tape transferred with chapter points.

´.... The quality is first rate. As a novice I took their advice to include “thumbnails” to accurately pinpoint places of interest on the tape. This, combined with the excellent quality reproduced, has not only enhanced my viewing pleasure now, but hopefully protected it for many years to come.´

Mrs. E. S - Antwerp, Belgium

Service provided - Old camcorder tapes that had been transferred to VHS, converted to DVD with addition of chapter points.

´Ik ben zeer tevreden over dv2anything. Niet alleen kreeg ik een snelle en correcte service, ik kan nu mijn favoriete video terug bekijken wanneer ik wil en in een veel betere kwaliteit!!!´

´I´m very happy about dv2anything. Not only did I receive a quick and correct service, I am now able again to watch my favourite video, whenever I want and in much better quality!!!´

Mrs. M. V. P. - Holt, Norfolk, UK

Service provided - VHS tape converted to DVD with addition of chapter points.

‘I’m delighted with the DVD you have made from the video I sent. The clarity is excellent, and the presentation is everything I wished for. Many thanks.’

Mr. F. L.  - Blakeney, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - transfer of Betamax tapes to DVD with chapter points, and supplying the raw digitisation on external hard disk for future processing.

‘Thank you for your fantastic performance of transferring my four 20 year old Betamax video recordings onto 4 DVDs in such a short time with such a friendly and professional dedication. Considering that my videos were 20 years old it was a great challenge to transfer them with such an exceptionally good quality.’

Mrs. P. P. - Sheringham, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Transfer of 3 vinyl LPs to CD with track markers.

‘Graham recently put on CD a much loved record being around 30 years old, the sound is  perfect and am sorry I discarded some of my old LP records as they would now all be on CD. I can recommend his service to anyone.’

Mr. P. L. - North Walsham, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Transfer of vinyl LPs to CD.

‘I have been very satisfied and happy with the way dv2anything have put my old vinyl LPs onto CD.’

Mrs. C. P. - Fulmodeston, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Transfer of VHS tape produced from a 50 year old cine film to DVD with the addition of chapter points and scene fade ins, fade outs.

´Excellent service, I am very pleased with the results of my tape being transferred to DVD. I will certainly use dv2anything again.´

Mrs. G. B. - Holt, North Norfolk / Jersey, Channel Islands

Service provided - Digitised 20 VHS-C camcorder tapes. Produced a DVD by editing and combining clips from several of these tapes. Further DVDs will follow.

‘He digitised our family video tapes and we were very pleased with the end result of well organised, watchable dvds which  will no longer deteriorate with age. He's professional, thorough and takes good care of the originals which is always a worry when you  have precious tapes of moments in time and people who are long gone. I'd thoroughly recommend him and would definitely use his services again.

Mrs. C. P. - Fulmodeston, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Scanned 80, 35mm slides,

‘I am very pleased with my 40year old slides that are now easily accessible on CD. The quality of reproduction is excellent and the pictures are clear and sharp. I would recommend this service if you have slides gathering dust and want to preserve the images.’

Mr. R. J. T - Thetford, Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Conversion of an expensive professional VHS tape to DVD.

‘I would recommend the services of dv2anything, without reservation. The service was fast and efficient, and very reasonably priced. Mr Jolley was very helpful and also very friendly (which in my books goes a long way). Thank you.’

Mrs. A. H. - North Walsham, Norfolk, UK

Service provided - 5 VHC-C camcorder tapes converted to DVD with addition of chapter points,

‘I am delighted with my DVDs, Graham provides attention to detail and strives for perfection. I am finding myself looking at the DVDs more often as they are so much more acessible with chapter points. The devil is in the detail ! Highly recommend -  would not use anyone else.’

Mrs. L. R.  Knapton, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - four 50 foot and two 200 foot Super 8 cine films digitised and put onto DVD with the addition of chapter points and background music.

‘We were very pleased with the result of your hard work on our cine films, which are now on DVD. Always keeping us informed, and asking when you were not quite sure and you felt something would make the outcome of the DVD better. We now have no worries that our family films which are very precious to us are now safe for all the family to see on DVD. Thanks once again for your hard work.’

Mrs. A. M. - Glandford, Holt, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Two 200 foot Super 8 films transferred to both DVD and VHS tape.

‘I am delighted with [your] work on transferring old super 8 cine films onto both video [tape] and DVD for me - it brought back many happy memories of a 1970’s holiday to cousins, and which I hadn’t seen since. I was impressed with his attention to detail and friendly professional help.’

Mr. P. R. - Sheringham, North Norfolk, UK

Service Provided - Digitised six Super8 cine films and produced a DVD.

‘A first rate service. Very professional product literally delivered to my door. Discussed all options available and we are very pleased with the film conversion. Now looking at conversion of some family slides to the PC. Thanks again.’

Mr. N. M. - Cromer, North Norfolk, UK

Service provided - Digitised VHS cassette

‘A very good job at a very good price - DVD from a videotape of Leonard Cohen, sent to an old fan in Paris as a 60th birthday present, much to his great delight!!’

Mrs. J. M. - Holt, North Norfolk

Service provided - Digitised a VHS dance training tape to DVD - then produced a video backdrop for a dance performance

‘Did exactly what I wanted and added his own ideas! The end result was wonderful ....’

We have included a short extract of the video backdrop for the dance routine.

Mr. R. R. V - Little Snoring, North Norfolk

Service provided - Produced a DVD from a wedding video with chapter points, then a DVD from a retirement video.

‘We were extremely pleased with the conversion of a wedding video and retirement video into DVDs. They were edited to an extremely high standard and the results were excellent. We would highly recommend Graham's services to any future customers.’

Mrs. S. T. - Bacton, North Norfolk

Service provided - Produced DVD from VHS tape of a trip on Concorde

‘Many thanks for the DVD of Michaels trip on Concorde. A service of excellent quality.’

Mrs. T. C. - Holt, North Norfolk

Service provided - Digitised an audio cassette of a live recording and produced a CD

‘An excellent and professional job executed with no delay’

Mr. J. H. - North Walsham, North Norfolk

Service provided - we are slowly digitising the fascinating cine film archive (Super & Standard 8) of this gentleman.

‘May I say how impressed I am with the quality of your work, and the professional way you handle the way I want them [the films] done.’

Mr M. T. - Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK

Service provided - Four Super-8 films, recorded by an ‘AGFA Home’ cine camera, digitised and made into a DVD-Video

‘I found the 20 year old cine films when clearing out the loft and thought they must contain some hidden memories worth putting onto DVD. Graham checked them out and quickly produced a fantastic DVD with personalised titles and thumbnails. The level of service was excellent and professional, both in the advice and support given and the finished product. The work was of high quality and very reasonably priced. Great care was taken to make sure the DVD was just as I wanted - It certainly was and exceeded my expectations! I would certainly use his services again. Many thanks.’

Mr L. S. - Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Service provided - VHS wedding video converted to DVD

“Dear Graham,

May I take this opportunity to express my thanks for the way you so professionally turned my amateur recording of my God-daughters wedding, from VHS tape, into the wonderful DVD. The feedback that both the bride and groom, and her parents, gave was collectively one of excellence, which undoubtedly was down to your skills.

Your advice, especially into including chapters and using stills as thumbnail introductions, really set the tone for the finished article. The pricing structure was indeed very reasonable and your whole package from start to finish was brilliant.

I would have no hesitation in using your services again or recommending your service to others.  Once again many thanks”

Ms E. B. - Midlands, UK

Service provided - Digitised 19 cine films, putting the digitisations onto an external hard drive provided by her

"I was very pleased with the conversion of my parents' films to a digital format. Graham provides an excellent service and is very friendly, giving regular progress updates. I would definitely recommend DV2Anything to others."

Mr A G - Aylsham, Norfolk

Service provided - Digitised many 35mm slides

“Graham has converted some several hundred slides on to CD for me. Many are quite old (1967 onwards) and needed some TLC to make sure that the picture quality was good. I have been very happy with the way they have turned out, and Graham has gone to a lot of trouble to explain the technicalities  of why some are more difficult to convert than others - he certainly knows his stuff ! Thank you very much Graham and I would certainly recommend you to anyone.”

Mr D L - London

Service provided - Produced a DVD-Video from a 400 foot reel of 8mm Super-8 cine film

“The copy onto DVD is fantastic, far better than I ever imagined it would be from 8mm [cine film]”